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Cumberland County Pre-K

 Dr. Tammy Stewart
PreK - 2nd Grade 

Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction

PreK - PreRegistration - SAVE the Date Flyer


 * Kid Central TN 
 * School Readiness
 * PBS Kids
 * PBS Kids Lab
 * Read Tennessee
 * Reading Rockets


 *  Kindergarten GoMath Pacing Sept 2016
 *  Report Card Proficiency Scale
 *  Child Care Program Standards


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Dr. Tammy Stewart has professionally served in public education as a secondary school teacher, administrator, supervisor, and in higher education since 1997, with a focus on students' wellbeing and academic success. Having a passion for literacy, she advocates for early literacy in order for students and educators to achieve their full potential. Her intentional passion is to educate all stakeholders on the importance of integrating literacy into their daily lives, through promoting programs such as Ready! for Kindergarten and Read Up events throughout the community.  She is directly involved in the Upper Cumberland Reading Foundation, and the Healthier TN initiative. 

Stewart's academic achievement includes a bachelor’s degree with a double major in elementary education and Secondary English, a master’s degree in instructional leadership, a Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) in instructional leadership from the Tennessee Technological University, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Tennessee. 




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Download Kindergarten_GoMath_Pacing_Sept._2016
Download Report_Card_Proficiency_Scale
Download VPK Save the Date Pre-Registration Flyer 2017-2018