Sick Leave

The time allowed for sick leave for professional personnel shall be one (1) day for each month employed during the school year and shall accumulate for an unlimited number of days.

1. Sick leave shall be defined as: illness of a teacher from natural causes or accident, quarantine, or illnessor death of a member of the immediate family of a teacher, including the teacher's wife or husband,parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, mother-in-law, father-in-law, daughter in-law, son-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law.

2. A signed statement listing the cause of absence shall be provided by the employee on forms furnished bythe director of schools and shall promptly be given to the immediate supervisor in support of all claimsfor sick leave pay. A falsified statement shall be grounds for dismissal.

A certificate from the physician on forms furnished by the Board may be required in support of any claimfor sick leave pay.  The principal shall notify the director of schools' office at once if an employee is sick beyond the limit of his/her sick leave accumulation. The substitute teacher, beyond this point, must have a certificate or permit and must be paid according to the state salary scale. Permanent, cumulative sick leave records for each active professional employee shall be kept in the director of schools' office or readily available from the county finance department.

Upon employment, a teacher has available those sick leave days to be earned in that school year. However,those days used prior to earning them will be charged against the annual limit. Upon termination of employment before such days are earned, there shall be deducted from the final salary of the teacher an amount to cover the excess sick leave days used by him and if such salary is insufficient, the teacher shall be liable for reimbursement of any amount in excess of his final salary. A teacher, upon employment, may transfer his/her accumulated sick leave from another Tennessee school system, provided that the director of schools of the system in which the accumulated leave was held provides notarized verification.

(1)  Any teacher employed or reemployed within two (2) years after termination from any Tennessee school system shall be granted sick leave which the teacher accumulated during previous employment in that system.
Sick leave for maternity purposes may be taken during the period of physical disability only. A teacher may use up to thirty (30) days of accumulated sick leave for the adoption of a child. If both adoptive parents are teachers, only one parent may request leave. Written verification from the adoption agency or other entity handling the adoption shall be required before the leave is granted.  At the termination of the employment of any employee, all unused sick leave accumulated by the employee shall be terminated.
The immediate supervisor may require a physician's certificate stating the reason for absence.

Professional Personnel
A sick leave bank is available for all professional personnel who are eligible for accumulated sick leave.
Guidelines and procedures for operation are available at the Central Office.