Mission Statement

To inspire every student, every day towards academic achievements and excellence in life skills so they may reach their full potential.



Cumberland County Schools are Engaged in an Innovative learning environment  Empowering every student to achieve excellence in life, academics, arts, athletics, and activities.


Our Core Beliefs

  • Education is the responsibility of families, students, teachers, and the community.  

  • Our focus is our students’ success. 

  • Expectations and standards influence performance. 

  • Attendance is vital to learning success.

  • Foster a positive school environment of belonging, trust, respect, and safety.

  • Highly qualified, effective instructors and leaders are crucial to the success of our students.

  • Cultural diversity is important to the success of every student.

  • Athletics, Arts, Academics and Activities motivate students to excel in learning success.

  • CCS will be equipped to serve the academic and non-academic needs of all students in their career pathways.


Strategic Plan

View the CCBOEs Strategic Plan