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The TCAP Family Portal is a free, optional online resource for families to learn information about what their students are learning and how they are building skills. It allows families to interact with the data from student’s individual student reports with links to possible next steps. The portal informs families and educators about ways to use TCAP test results to identify student strengths and areas to improve in the future. 

Family Portal Parent Letter

How to access the TCAP Family Portal

Parents and families can watch this short video, reference this graphic, or follow these three simple steps to access the TCAP Family Portal:  

  1. Find your student’s “unique access code” or “USID” on the bottom right-corner of the printed state score report.   

  1. Visit the Family Portal at  

  1. Log in to find information on your student’s performance, a personalized video in your home language, questions to ask their teacher, and where they may need additional support.  
    * To note: If a parent does not have a score report to reference, they should contact their school and ask for their student’s state ID number. They will add two zeroes in front of that seven-digit number to create an account. 

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TCAP Family Portal