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A family may benefit from the Family Resource Center if they lack a fixed, regular or adequate night-time residence.

If you live in a shelter, or transitional housing program, or doubled up with friends or family because you do not have a permanent address; or if you live in a motel or campground because you cannot find or afford housing or live in a car, abandoned building or a place not normally designed for sleeping, we are here to help.

How We Can Support You

We’re committed to helping every Cumberland County School family be successful regardless of where they live at the moment. Students experiencing homelessness or any type of transition may face many obstacles to an appropriate education, such as lack of transportation and resources, frequent school changes, loss of school records, and emotional stress. Special assistance is provided to support these students.

A homeless liaison/social worker is able to assist families with the following:

  • Assistance with school enrollment process 

  • School supplies and clothes

  • Transportation to school and school related events/activities

  • Food Resources/Food Pantry

  • Locating Housing

  • Day Care/After School Assistance

  • Employment Assistance

  • Referrals for Medical, Dental and Counseling Services

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